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Finding and Analyzing Attractive Real Estate Investments Just Became Flipping Easy

FixFlip’s Investor Portal Enables Investors to Analyze Over 155,000,000 Property Records

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Identify Motivated Sellers

Dont get distracted by the noise.

Set your own custom filters and statuses to identify the motivated sellers that are right for you.

  • Years of Ownership
  • Value Price
  • Number of Liens
  • And More!

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Engage With Property Owners

Utilize the power of marketing.

Send mass emails, postcards, and voicemails easily through our campaign tool.

  • Skip Tracing
  • Phone Numbers + Emails
  • Create landing pages
  • Add Status Tags
  • And More!

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AnAlyze Data

Take advantage of our array of trends and analytics reporting tools.

  • Heat Maps
  • Rehab Estimator
  • And More!

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The Recipe For Success

Strong Data + Efficient Marketing

Identify Motivated Sellers

Use a mass array of filters & statuses to find the property owner most likely to sell that meets your desired criteria.

Engage With Property Owners

Pull phone numbers & e-mail addresses of the property owners & send postcards from within the platform.

Analyze Data

Lookup any property to identify its current and potential value and determine if it’s the right deal for you. 

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FixFlip allows you to house all your needs under one roof. With FixFlip on mobile, you have access to endless features, proprietary data, & more, all in the palm of your hand. Try it for yourself and discover the power of FixFlip. Get started now it only takes a few moments.